The Client & Report Library is accessed via the Libraries dashboard, and allows you to manage the clients and reports belonging to you and other users within your account.


Genovo caters for private, corporate and trust clients. 

You can toggle between a list and a tile view of the clients in the library using the two view buttons near the top right corner of the page.

In 'list' view, you can filter and sort a user's clients by any of the column headings. Click the filter icon to search and the sort icon to sort the table on that column.

If ‘View all user’s clients / reports’ has been activated for your account in Manage Users, you will notice an additional ‘Owned by’ field above the ‘Client name’ search field which will allow you to view and edit clients and reports belonging to other users within your account.

To add a new client, simply click the appropriate ‘add client’ button  and a window will open where you’ll be prompted to add some details about the client. You will notice that the client information is arranged over a series of tabs.

It is important to note that you do not have to complete all the fields in all the tabs, and there may be good reasons why you do not want or need to. Only those fields that you do complete will be included in the 'Client Circumstances' table that is automatically inserted in a report for that client .

Once the client has been added to the Client Library, they can be used by you or other users within your account (assuming ‘View all user’s clients / reports’ has been activated for their account) whenever they need to write a report to that client, thereby saving the need to rekey this information each time.

Users who integrate their Genovo account with their back-office software, will also notice an Add from CRM button at the top of the ‘Add client’ window that will allow them to automatically populate a lot of the client fields with just a couple of clicks.


Reports are also automatically saved against the client(s) and can be accessed at any time by clicking the Report Library icon to the right of the client's name.

Much like the Client Library, you can filter and sort a client's reports by any of the column headings within the Report Library.

To edit the content of a particular report simply click on the 'Report name' and you’ll be directed to the Report Builder for that report.

From within the Report Library, it is also possible to: