It's really easy to reassign (i.e. change the ownership of) an existing report to another client:

1. On the dashboard click write / view report.

2. Locate the client whose report you wish to reassign and add them to the Selected Client(s) list. 

3. Click on the view reports link to the right of their name and you'll be directed to the Report Library for that client. 

4. Find the report you wish to reassign and click the reassign icon (highlighted in red in screenshot below) to the right of the Date Updated column.

5. You'll be directed to the Reassign Report page where all of the clients within your Client Library will be listed out for possible selection.

If you're a user within a multi-user plan and share clients and reports has been activated for you, you will also be able to select another user with your company or workgroup from the user drop down menu, the screen will refresh and the clients belonging to that user will then be displayed in the client list below. You can then reassign the report to one or more clients within their Client Library.   

 It is therefore important that prior to reassigning a report you check that the client(s) you wish to reassign the report to are already in the relevant Client Library.

6. Select the client(s) you wish to reassign the report to, click the reassign report button at the bottom of the page and you'll be directed back to Write / View Report. The report has been reassigned, and you'll see that the report is now saved in the Report Library of the client(s) you reassigned the report to. 

7. You can now change the name of the report by clicking the edit pencil and / or edit the content of the report by clicking on the corresponding report builder link.

 The content of the report is fully editable and can be updated as required. At the very least you will want to update the client ownership field(s) for the plan(s) included in the Plan Summary step of the review and / or recommendation sections, as well as the client's attitude to risk profile in the Attitude to Risk step of the Investment Strategy section.