There are a couple of reasons why you may want to reassign a report to another client.

1. You want to add a second client to a report that was started in a single client’s name.

e.g. You may need to add a client because they’ve been omitted, or remove a client that is already linked to a report because they were added in error.

2. You want to use a previously created report as the starting point for a new report for another client because the advice scenario and recommendations being made are very similar to those in the original report.

e.g. At the end of a tax year you may be recommending that a number of different clients make use of their ISA allowance by investing with the same ISA provider, and into the same or similar investment strategy; and hence it makes sense to use the previous report you’ve already created as the starting point for creating the next report as it will be quicker than starting each report from scratch.

In this example, you’re going to need to clone the original report (so the original report remains in the current client's Report Library) and reassign the cloned report to the other client(s).

How to reassign an existing report to another client(s)

It's really easy to reassign an existing report:

1. From the dashboard, go to Libraries > Client & Report Library.

2. Locate the client whose report you wish to reassign and click on the Report Library icon to the right of their name.

3. Within the Report Library window, locate the report and click the reassign icon to the right of the report name.

4. A new window will open where you can select the client(s) you want to reassign the report to, including any already linked to the original report (if you want them to remain linked to the report). 

If ‘View all user’s clients / reports’ has been activated for your account in Manage Users, an additional ‘Owned by’ field will be included above the ‘Client name’ field which will allow you select clients owned by other users with your account.

5. Click Save and the report will be saved to the Report Library of the newly selected client(s).

6. You can now change the name of the newly created report by clicking the edit pencil, and edit the content of the report by clicking on the 'Report name'.