Genovo has been designed to reflect the interactions that take place between, and the tasks performed by the different job roles within the typical financial planning company.

A Writer User can log in to Genovo and write reports for themselves and / or other users within their account (assuming share clients and reports has been activated for them).

A paraplanner or adviser who gets involved in writing reports should be added as a Writer User.

A Reader User cannot login to Genovo, or use Genovo to write reports, but they can have reports written for them by a Writer User. 

An adviser who has all of his / her reports written for them by a paraplanner should be added as a Reader User.

In summary, every individual within your company who is using Genovo to write reports for themselves or others, or to have reports written for them should be added as a user to your account. This is how Genovo is designed to be used, and ensures that:

  • Clients and reports are saved within the adviser’s client library, and therefore managed more efficiently.
  • The adviser’s (rather than the paraplanner’s) name, signature and headshot image is automatically inserted in the correct places throughout the report.
  • The paraplanner can send the adviser a notification when the report is ready for them to check.
  • We can support both the adviser and the paraplanner.

To add more Writer Users to your account you can either upgrade your plan or contact us to increase the Writer User Limit of your account. You will need to contact us to add Reader Users to your account.