Being able to change the report type is particularly useful should you realise part way through building a report that you’d selected the wrong Report Type, as it saves having to build the report again from scratch. 

Being able to change the report type is also useful in instances where you wish to use a report you previously created for a client as the basis for their new report, but the report type required in each instance is different e.g. the original report was a suitability report, and the new one required is a review.   

It's really easy to change the report type of an existing report. Just follow these simple steps.

1. From the dashboard, click Write / view reports.

2. Locate the client to whom the existing report belongs and add them to the Selected Client(s) list.

3. Click on the view reports link to the right of their name.

3. You'll be directed to the client's Report Library. Locate the report you wish to change and click on the change report type icon to the right of the report name. 

4. You'll be directed to the Change Report Type page where you'll be prompted to select the new report type from the New Report Type drop down menu, and give the new report a different name by completing the New Report Name field.

5. Click save and you'll be returned to the client's Report Library where you'll notice that a new report of the selected report type has been created.

6. Changing the report type of a report creates a new version of the original report - the original report will remain unchanged. You can then edit the content of the new report in the usual way by clicking on the corresponding report builder link. This will direct you to the report builder of the newly created report where you'll notice the new report has been reconfigured to reflect the selected new report type.

It is worth remembering that changing the report type of a report will affect:

- Which sections show in the Report Builder for that report;

- Which steps show in the Wizard Sections included within the Report Builder;

- Which recommended actions show in the recommended action step of the review sections; and

- Which snippets (content) get included in the resultant report.

You'll find an overview of the different report types here.