As part of the standard customisation suite, Genovo provides all the functionality you need to customise every element of your report title page to reflect your individual preferences and make your reports visually appealing and eye-catching. However, if you do not have the time or inclination to do this yourself, we can do this for you as part of our chargeable customisation service. Please contact us for further information. 

Structure of a report title page

There are five report title pages within Genovo - one for each of the five Genovo Report Types. Each report title page is made up of several key elements, each of which can be customised in a slightly different way.

General title page layout

The position and format of each element is controlled by the five Title Page snippets. If you want to deviate from the standard title page layout, you will need to create a custom version of the Title Page snippet using the Report Content Manager. This Knowledge Base article explains how you can do this, but there’s an entire section of the Genovo Knowledge Base dedicated to Report Content Manager, including a really informative video tutorial.

Within each Title Page snippet you will find a number of tags. These are place markers that instruct Genovo’s report generator to replace the tag with content - in this case, your logo, the client’s name, the adviser details, report reference and report title page footer. These can be moved around, but you should take care not to delete or edit a tag, as the content will then not appear in your downloaded reports.

This is the Genovo version of the Title Page snippet for the Suitability Report.

You can customise the existing content or add your own content to the snippet. This could be additional text, an image, or even an additional tag from the list of all Genovo report tags. For example, if you wanted the report title page to include the name of the paraplanner that created the report on behalf of the adviser, you would add the {ReportCreatedBy] tag.

Company logo

To add your company logo, go to Customisation > Upload logo and follow the on-screen instructions.

Depending on the background image you’ve selected or uploaded, you may find that your company logo has a white background that sits over the background image. There are lots of free tools on the internet to replace the white background with a transparent background – just Google “remove white background from image”. Alternatively, we can do this for you as part of our chargeable customisation service.

Report title

You can customise the words of the report title for each Report Type via the Title Page snippet. However, its format (i.e. font name and size, colour and alignment) is controlled by your active Report Theme. This Knowledge Base article provides more detail as to how you can customise the report title used in your reports.

Client name(s)

The client’s name(s) are automatically inserted into the {Client} tag. 

{PreparedBy} tag

A number of elements are rendered within this tag including:

  • The name of the Genovo user who owns the client(s) to whom the report is being written.
  • The user’s job title.
  • The user’s headshot image.
  • The company’s name, address and telephone number.
  • The date the report was downloaded.

You’ll find more information about how to add a headshot image here.

You’ll find more information about how to change how the name and company details are displayed within a report here

Report reference

This is automatically included if a report reference is added within the ‘Report reference’ field in the Report details step when a report is created. If no reference is entered, nothing will show on your report title page.

Report title page footer

The content that comes out in the report title page footer tag is managed from within Account admin >Your company details. This Knowledge Base article provides further information.

The {ReportTitleFooter} tag was introduced as part of the v2 release. Users who made a custom version of the Title Page snippet prior to the release of v2 will need to add this tag into their custom version of this snippet in order for the content from the above field to come out in their reports.

Report Title Page Image

The ability to add a background image to your report title page was also introduced as part of the v2 release. This feature is included as standard for a Company Plan Mini or above, and as a chargeable bolt-on for Solo and Company Starter plans. If your Genovo plan doesn’t have it and you’d like to add it to your Genovo subscription, please contact us.

The art of the possible

So why not get your creative juices flowing and add a bit of extra “razzle dazzle” to your reports! Here’s an example of a report title page we created earlier. In summary, we have used the standard Genovo customisation suite to:

  • Add a Report Title Page Image.
  • Centralise the company logo.
  • Centralise the report title and change the text.
  • Left-align the ‘prepared for’ text and change the text.
  • Make the {Client} tag bold, larger font size and coloured blue.
  • Right-align the ‘Prepared by’ text.
  • Upload an adviser image and removed the image background.
  • Add full company details, including a telephone number.
  • Edit the report title page footer to make the text smaller, but bold.