Within Genovo, it is possible to upload a headshot and / or signature image for a user. This can be done: 

1) By the user

If the user is a Writer user, they can log in to their own account and add a headshot and signature image to their own account via Account admin>Your details.

  2) By an Account Admin for other account users

The Account Owner and Account Admins can add a headshot and signature image for their account's users, whether this be a Writer User or Reader User, via Account admin > Manage users


Once uploaded, the headshot and signature images of a user will be automatically inserted into any reports created for clients that are saved in that user's Client Library, irrespective of whether the report had been created by them or another user.

Where will the headshot and signature images come out in reports?

The headshot image will come out on the front page of the report within the {PreparedBy} tag.

The signature image will come out within the {AdviserSignature} tag in the Covering Letter as well the Adviser / Client Declaration and the Authority to Proceed sections.