The Account Owner / Account Admins of a Company Plan you can activate client and report sharing for specific users within their account. Once activated that user will be able to view and edit the existing clients and reports of all account users, and create new clients and write new reports for all users with your account.  

This provides exciting possibilities for collaborative working. Some of the ways we see this being used are:

  • Paraplanners can write reports for advisers, and notify them that the report is ready to check.
  • Multiple paraplanners / advisers can work on the same report at the same time.
  • Paraplanners / admin. staff can write the majority of a report, and then notify the adviser that the report is ready for them to top and tail, and further personalise.

To activate client and report sharing for a user, go to account admin > manage user, click on the edit icon for the user and you will be directed to Edit User (as per below screenshot). Check Share Clients / Reports and click save.