The Account Owner and Account Admins can activate View all users' clients / reports for Writer users within their account. Once activated that Writer User can then:

  • view and edit the existing clients and reports of all users within their account; as well as
  • create new clients; and write new reports for all users with their account.  

This provides lots of possibilities for collaborative working including:

  • Paraplanners can write reports for advisers, and notify them when the report is ready to check.
  • Multiple paraplanners / advisers can work on the same report at the same time.
  • Paraplanners / admin. staff can write the majority of a report, and then notify the adviser that the report is ready for them to top and tail, and further personalise.

To activate View all users' clients / reports for a user, go to Account admin > Manage users, click on the edit icon for the user and check View all users' clients / reports and click save.

* View all users' clients / reports is automatically activated for the Account Owner, but can easily be deactivated if not required.


Workgroups is an extension of View all users' clients / reports and can be used to restrict which clients / reports certain users within your account can view and edit. Workgroups are particularly useful if you have different offices or departments within your company, and you only want users to be able to share their clients / reports with other users within their particular office or department.