A role determines what a Writer User can and cannot do within their account. Depending on the plan you have selected, a user can be assigned one of the following roles within your account:

Account Owner - This is the person who sets up the account. An account can only have one Account Owner. The Account Owner has full control of the account and access to everything that is available via their selected plan.

Account Admin - An Account Admin is very similar to an Account Owner. They can customise the account at company level, manage the account's users and share content with other users.  The only feature they don't have access to is Your Subscription from the account admin dashboard, and thus they cannot change or cancel the subscription.

Account User - An Account User has no control over the account at a company level and any customisations they make will only affect their own account. Reader Users are automatically assigned the role of Account User, but they only have access to account admin from the main dashboard. 

Click here for an overview of what each role can and cannot do within their account.