The Advice Options and Reasons Library allows you to manage and customise the selectable / tickable options you'll find in the steps of the various Wizard Sections. It can be accessed via customisation>advice options & reasons. You should think of an Advice Option as the “what” you're recommending, and an Advice Reason as the “how” and the “why” you're recommending it.

When building a report, you can easily add an Advice Option / Reason to a step of a Wizard Section from directly within the actual step. However, you will find additional functionality to manage (edit / hide / share etc) the Advice Options / Reasons of a particular step within the Advice Options and Reasons Library.

To view the Advice Options / Reasons of a particular step, first select the section and any steps within that section containing selectable Advice Options or Reasons will be displayed in the second drop down below.

If a step has both Advice Options and Advice Reasons, you can view the Advice Reasons of an Advice Option by clicking view advice reasons.