The Advice Options and Reasons Library allows you to manage and customise the advice options and / or advice reasons included within a step of a Wizard Section. It can be accessed by clicking on customisation>advice options & reasons.

An Advice Option or Advice Reason is the name we’ve given to the selectable options included in the various steps of the various Wizard Sections. You should think of an Advice Option as the “what” you're recommending, and an Advice Reason as the “how” and the “why” you're recommending it.

When building a report, you can easily add an Advice Option / Reason to a step of a Wizard Section from directly within the actual step. However, you will find additional functionality to manage (edit / hide / share etc) the Advice Options / Reasons of a particular step within the Advice Options and Reasons Library.

To view the Advice Options / Reasons of a particular step, first select the section and any steps within that section containing selectable Advice Options or Reasons will be displayed in the second drop down below.

If a step has both Advice Options and Advice Reasons, you can view the Advice Reasons of an Advice Option by clicking view advice reasons.

Further Information

Video Tutorial: An overview of the Advice Options & Reasons Library