A suitability report should always be personalised to the client, and assuming you do not wish to fall foul of the regulator you should never rely on a bunch of standard objective statements and advice reasons that frequently remain unchanged to justify your recommendations. Hence why Genovo offers a whole heap of functionality designed to allow you to easily customise and personalise your reports.

Having said this, there are clearly instances - recommending a personal pension plan for instance - when some of the reasons why you are recommending the plan will always be the same for all clients. And as such, wouldn’t it be great if you could set up your account so these reasons were automatically pre-selected? Well now you can!

How to Preselect an Advice Reason

Go to Customisation > Advice Options & Reasons Library, select the section and the step from the drop down menu in the usual way and you’ll notice that we’ve added a new column entitled “Preselected”. To preselect an advice reason simply check the corresponding checkbox as per the screenshot below.  

 Preselecting an advice reason as an Account Admin of a multi-user Company Plan will preselect that option for all of your account's users.

How it Works in the Section Wizard 

So how does this help with a building a report?  Well, continuing with the example above, next time you recommend a personal pension plan within the New Pension Recommendation section of a report you’ll notice that those advice reasons that you’ve checked as preselected will be automatically selected as per the screenshot below.

It is also worth remembering that any pre-selected option can always be unselected or edited in a report.