It could also be the case that some of the standard selectable options in some of the steps aren’t relevant to you or the advice service your company provides, and therefore you may want to hide them.

When you hide an option, this removes it from the step in the wizard section of the Report Builder. This helps tailor the list of selectable options that show in the step to reflect your preferences and also makes the list of options more manageable for you and your users when creating your reports.

From your dashboard go to Customisation > Advice options & reasons, select the section and the step containing the selectable option you wish to hide, and the selectable options contained within that step will be displayed below.

To hide a particular option, simply uncheck the corresponding Show check box.

If you are an administrator of a multi-user company or group account this will also remove the selectable option from both the libraries and section wizards of your account users or any accounts linked to your group.