If the step has categories you can, if you want to, add your custom option(s) to a category so they are easier for you (and your users) to identify and locate when creating reports.


If you don’t select a category, the option will be included within the ‘uncategorised’ category at the bottom of the page. However, if you do apply a category, the custom option will be added at the bottom of the category and colour coded green to indicate that it is 'owned by you', or orange to indicate it 'owned by your company' if it has been shared.

You can’t create your own categories in a step, but there is always the option of ‘Other’ if none of the standard categories are quite right.

Once, your custom option has been added to a category, you can always edit it and reassign to another category from with the Advice Options & Reasons Library. However, it is worth highlighting that you cannot edit the category of options that do not belong to you. 

It is also possible to elect to immediately add a custom AO or AR to category from within the step on initial creation.