When it comes to editing the boilerplate content of your reports via the Report Content Manager, you have two options:

  1. You can create a custom version of a Genovo snippet; or
  2. You can create your own standalone custom snippet.

This article explains the second option. You'll find detailed instruction on the first option here.

It is possible to create a new custom snippet that works independently from any Genovo snippet. To create a standalone custom snippet, click Add custom snippet

This will open a new window where you will be prompted to give the snippet a name, select the Report Type(s) the content should come out in, and add your content.

This article explains how best to paste text into the snippet editor.

This article explains how you can add an image into your reports using the snippet editor.

This article explains how best to add a template table into your reports using the snippet editor.

Once you've added your content, click Save. You’ll notice that the new snippet is added at the bottom of the section and marked up orange to indicate that it is owned by your company rather than Genovo.

You can then use the drag & drop handle to the left of the snippet name to move the snippet to the position you want the content of that snippet to come out in the section. Please bear in mind that moving a custom snippet that is shared by multiple Report Types in one report type will also change its position in all linked report types. If you want the custom snippet to appear in different positions in each Report Type, you will need to create a separate custom snippet for each Report Type.

Having created a custom snippet, you can edit it by clicking the pencil icon and delete it by clicking the bin icon.