When pasting text into the Report Content Manager, we would recommend you choose the option of ‘Plain Text’. This will ensure that any formatting applied to the content at source is removed from the text you paste in. It will also ensure that the text does not conflict with your selected Report Theme, and does not come out in a different format to the rest of the text in your reports.


Having pasted the text into the snippet editor, you can then style it and apply formatting (e.g. bold, italic, underline etc) as required using the control buttons included within the toolbar. 

You should also use the 'Paragraph Formats' function to ensure your text is formatted correctly to mirror the styles of your Report Theme.

  • Heading 1 = Section title e.g. Investment Recommendation
  • Heading 2 = Secondary section subheading e.g Why Has the Plan Been Recommended
  • Heading 3 = Tertiary section subheading e.g Initial Charges
  • Paragraph = The main body text.

To see how the different styles are used in report click here.