An Account Owner or Account Admins can delete a user from their account via Account Admin > Manage Users.


To delete a user, simply click the delete icon to the right of their name. Deleting a user will free up a user account and, depending on the type of user deleted, increase the 'Available writer users' / 'Available reader users' count of your account by one.

A delete is permanent and cannot be undone. On deleting a user, the following data will be deleted permanently and cannot be retrieved.

  • Any clients saved in their Client Library;
  • Any reports belonging to clients saved in their Report Library; and
  • Any custom providers, investments, advice options & reasons, report templates that they haven't shared and are therefore still owned by the user.

Reassign a user's clients and reports

If you do not want the user's clients and reports to be deleted, you can:

When you delete a user, you will be prompted to confirm whether you wish to delete all of their clients and reports or reassign them all to another user.