When you change the ownership of a client to another user within your account, the reports attached to that client will be automatically switched to the new user as well.

To be able to transfer clients and their reports between different users within your organisation Share Clients / Reports must have been activated for your account within Manage Users - click here for more information

To change the ownership of a client go to Client Library and select the user who currently owns the client from the User drop down menu.

The screen will refresh, and all of the clients within that user's Client Library will be displayed underneath.

To change the ownership of a client click on the edit pencil to the right of the client name and you will be directed to the Edit Client page.

Select the user you wish to transfer the ownership to from the drop down menu of the Client Of field and scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

The client and all of their reports will now be automatically transferred and saved within the newly selected user's Client Library.