The Investment Library is accessed from the Libraries dashboard. 

It is here that you should save and manage information about the underlying investments that you frequently recommend to your clients. When talking about investments in this context, we're not referring to an ISA, investment bond, personal pension plan or SIPP etc, but the underlying investment(s) you might recommend your clients invest into via one of these plans.

What are the benefits of using the Investment Library?

You can add the investments saved within your Investment Library to a Current Investment Strategy in the review sections or a Recommended Investment Strategy in the Recommended Investment Strategy section of your reports with just a couple of clicks. This will save you considerable time when building a report as you won’t need to re-key the information about the investment each time.

Other benefits include:

  • Investments can be centrally managed (by a compliance function or investment committee etc) and shared with the team, thereby ensuring consistency, accuracy and saving everyone reinventing the wheel. However, it is worth bearing in mind:
    • The amount of benefit the rest of the team will derive from this will be directly proportional to how well this information is kept up to date.
    • The level of detail you include about your investments will determine the amount of time and effort you need to spend in maintaining them.
  • It will help to promote consistent advice outcomes. For example, if your users have up to date and accurate details about your company’s pre-approved CIP or CRP preloaded within their Investment Library it will certainly encourage them to use it.

What type of investments can you add to the Investment Library?

The Investment Library has been designed to cater for a wide range of investments, from individual funds and ETFs to DFM/DIMs and structured products and even model portfolios.

It is also a great place to save details of your company’s Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP) or Centralised Retirement Proposition (CRP) should you have one.

You'll find more information about how to add an investment as well as the sort of information you should include for a particular type of investment here