You can download a covering letter for every report you create within Genovo. The letter will be automatically populated with: 

  • The client's name and address (assuming this information has been saved for the client in the Client Library.
  • The signature of the user who owns the client (assuming this has been uploaded for the user).

You can also fully customise the content of the letter to reflect your own advice process and content preferences.

How to download a covering letter

Click Download covering letter at the bottom of the Report Builder.

How to add a client's address

You can include the client's address under the 'Address' tab in the Client Library. You can also edit the client's details from within a report by clicking on the client's name in the Client Circumstances step of the Introduction section. The information you include here will be automatically inserted within the {Address} tag within the covering letter.

When writing a report to multiple clients the address of the primary (first selected) client will be used in the covering letter.


There is an optional 'Salutation' field under the 'Personal details' tab in the Client Library. If this field has been completed for a client, the information included here will be inserted within the {SalutationOrClient} tag within the covering letter, otherwise it will default to the client's name.

How to customise the content of the covering letter

The content of the covering letter can be easily customised in the usual way via the Report Content Manager. Within the Report Content Manager you'll notice that a section entitled 'Covering Letter' at the top of the 'Report section' drop down for each Report Type.

You'll find more information about how to create a custom version of a Genovo snippet here.