It's increasingly common these days for attitude to risk (ATR) profiles to include a visual representation of the client's risk profile in the form of a picture or table. This is easily achieved with Genovo by adding an image to the description of each profile.

To add an image to your ATR profiles, go to customisation > attitude to risk profiles and click the edit icon alongside Your Company's ATR Profiles

You will be taken to a new page where you can either add (if you haven't done so already) or edit your custom ATR profiles.

On clicking add atr profile or the edit icon of an existing profile you will be taken through to the Add / Edit Attitude to Risk Profile page which looks something like this (here I'm actually editing an existing ATR profile).

We'd suggest that you add the image to the Profile Description of each ATR profile. To add an image proceed as follows:

1. Position your cursor where you want the image to appear (we'd suggest just below the description text)

2. Click the image button within the text editor's control bar (as highlighted in red above).   

The Image Properties dialogue box will open like this: 

3. Paste the URL where your image is saved into the URL field (see tip below for uploading and hosting your image on the web).

4. Resize the width and height of the image as required. To get the best results we'd suggest a maximum width of 430 pxs  (remember to keep the aspect ratio locked i.e. make sure the little padlock to the left is locked).

5. Click ok and your image will be inserted in Profile Description.

6. Click save

 If you don't have a facility to host your images on the web, don't worry there are many free image web hosting services out there. Try typing "free image hosting" into Google - see what I mean! A particularly easy one to use is

If you do choose to use PostImage - simply select the image file you wish to upload using the Choose Images button in the middle of the screen. Having uploaded the image to PostImage you will then want to take a copy of the https URL link contained in the DIRECT LINK field as you'll need this for step 3 above.

 If you're including images in each of your attitude to risk profiles, you may find the Attitude to Risk Profiles page in the appendix of your report becomes quite long and unwieldy. If so, you can easily remove it from ALL of your reports by hiding the section snippets in the Report Content Manager, or remove it on a report-by-report base by deselecting it in the Report Builder like so: