Account Owners and Account Admins can manage the template content of the different report types via the Report Content Manager. From your dashboard go to customisation > report content manager.

There are two ways you can customise your report template:

1. Hide a Snippet

If you do not want a particular chunk of text to appear in your reports, simply hide it by unchecking the show checkbox for that snippet. For example let's say I don't want the text regarding insurance to appear in my mortgage reports, I just hide it like this:

NB Hiding a snippet within a group account will also remove the snippet from the Report Content Manager of all linked accounts. 

2. Create a Custom Version of the Genovo Snippet

You can create a custom version of any Genovo snippet. Click the corresponding edit icon for the snippet you wish to edit and you will be directed to the Snippet Detail page, which may look something like this:

Click create custom snippet - this will create a clone of the Genovo snippet and direct you to the Snippet Editor where you can customise the snippet as required. 

You can edit the text of the snippet and apply formatting (e.g. bold, italic etc) using the control buttons provided in the Snippet Editor.

Once you have made your edits, click save. You will be taken back to the Snippet Detail page and your custom version will be automatically selected as active.

Your custom version will now be used instead of the Genovo version in your reports.