Lets face it life is busy enough, and sometimes you want to just jump right in and see the end results without investing too much time in learning what you need to do to get there! Hence why your Genovo account comes pre-loaded with the following report templates that you can use:

1) As the basis for creating a new report

2) As the basis for creating your own template; and

3) As example reports which you can use to see the kind of information you'll need to add when you come to write your own reports; and how a completed report could look when it's downloaded to Word.

Template Name
Report Type
Genovo Example: Bed & ISA GIATop-up / Bed & ISA Report
Genovo Example: Confirm continued suitability of client's plans
Continued Suitability Report
Genovo Example: Consolidate client's existing pensions
Suitability Report
Genovo Example: DB pension abridged advice unclear
Suitability Report
Genovo Example: DB pension transfer recommendation
Suitability Report
Genovo Example: Equity release recommendation
Suitability Report
Genovo Example: Group life protection scheme
Suitability Report
Genovo Example: Holistic annual review of client's circumstances, ATR, objectives and plans
Review Report 2.0
Genovo Example: Remortgage with new protection plan
Suitability Report
Genovo Example: Review client's existing investments with new recommendation
Suitability Report
Genovo Example: Switch investment strategy of client's existing pension
Fund Switch Report
Genovo Example: Top-up a client's existing ISA
Top-up / Bed & ISA Report

From within your Report Template Library, you can download a Genovo template and view its content in Word by clicking the download report template to Word icon. 

To edit the content of a Genovo template, you will, in the first instance, need to create your own copy of the template by cloning the Genovo version. Having created your own version of the template, you can then view, edit and downloaded it by clicking on the corresponding report template builder link. 

You will then be directed to the Report Template Builder which may look something like this.