Clearly, suitability reports must always be personalised and tailored to the client's individual circumstances and objectives. However, there may be times when you need to write a similar report to one that you've previously written to the same, or a different client. 

In such instances, using a report template as the basis for creating the new report is likely to prove quicker and more efficient than creating the report from scratch. Moreover, this approach doesn't have to render the report any less personalised assuming all relevant key information about the client’s objectives, attitude to risk, plans etc is updated accordingly. This is exactly what Genovo’s Report Template Library has been designed to allow you to achieve.

Within our profession, when we talk about templates, we typically think about lengthy Word documents containing lots of generic wording which may or may not be relevant to the individual client’s objectives and circumstances. Templates in Genovo work slightly differently. When you create a report from a template in Genovo you are basically using a pre-configured Report Builder with partially completed sections already inserted as the starting point for creating your new report. This removes the need for any repetitive input from the report building process, but ensures you are still prompted to update all the relevant key information required to ensure the report is highly personalised.

Your Report Template Library comes preloaded with a number of report templates. It doesn’t include a template for every advice scenario covered by Genovo, but the ones included do cover the more commonplace advice scenarios and will help you get started. They can be used by you (and your users) as:

  • The starting point for creating reports for your clients;
  • A basis for creating your own report templates covering similar or other advice scenarios; and
  • Example reports to aid your understanding of the kind of information you need to include within the different report types, and how a finished report may look when it's downloaded to Word.

Report templates can be owned by you, your company, your group (if your account is linked to a group) or Genovo. As with all the other libraries in Genovo, you can use the sort and search functions at the top of the column headings to filter the report templates.