Lets face it, life is busy enough. Sometimes you want to just jump right in and see the end results without spending any time learning what you need to do to get there. Hence why your Genovo account comes pre-loaded with the following example clients and reports.

Client NameReport Type
Edward ExamplePension Switching Suitability Report
Edward ExampleFund Switch Report
Edwin & Emma ExampleMortgage & Protection Recommendation Suitability Report
Simon & Susan SampleInvestment Recommendation Suitability Report
Simon & Susan Sample
Annual Holistic Review Report
Simon & Susan SampleContinued Suitability Report
Simon SampleInvestment Top-up Report
Fred & Thelma FlintstoneDB Pension Transfer Suitability Report

To view and download the pre-loaded example reports go to write / view report.

Having downloaded an example report to Word, we'd recommend that you compare the output in the report within the input in the corresponding section of the Report Builder as this will enhance your understanding of the kind of information you'll need to add to each advice section when you come to write your own reports. 

Existing Users

Existing users can refresh (and get the most up-to-date version of) the example clients and reports within their account at any time.

Go to write / view reports, hover over the page help icon, and click the copy down example clients & reports link. Please note it will take in the region of 10 seconds for the clients and reports to be copied down to your account.

 The example reports will be automatically uploaded to the accounts of new Writer Users added to existing accounts.