The creation of snippet rules is relatively complex and as such it isn't possible for users to create rules for their own custom snippets. As a result, when you create a custom snippet, the content of the snippet will always come out in the section you've added it to, for the Report Type(s) selected, when the report is downloaded to Word.

However, if you are subscribed to a Company Plan Maxi or above, we can add rules and custom 'Trigger text' to your snippets for you. This is likely to incur an additional one-off customisation charge. Prior to implementation we will confirm the cost. This will be determined by the amount and complexity of the rules you require to be added. To ensure you receive maximum value for money, we would encourage you to submit all your snippet rule requirements in bulk, at the same time.

When submitting your request, please provide the following information:

  • Section name
  • Snippet name
  • A detailed description of what you want to trigger the snippet e.g. the inclusion of a plan of a product type(s) in a section(s), the selection of recommended action(s) in a specific review section etc...