Adding a background image to the title page of your reports can make them even more eye-catching. 

Your account comes preloaded with ten background images as standard. Having selected an image, you can see a preview of your report title page in the right-hand panel.

It is also possible to upload your own image to your image library by clicking Choose file. The image you upload will be automatically resized to fit the report title page. However, to ensure you get the best results we would suggest that you upload an image that is sized 793 x 1123 pixels. Having uploaded the image, you can then select it as the active background image by simply clicking on it.

Having added an image, you may find you need to move some of the elements around within your report title page so they’re not obscured and remain legible on the background image. If so, simply click Edit snippet and the report title page snippet will open in a new window.

You can now create your own custom version of the report title page snippet, and when you select it as the active version, the custom version, rather than the Genovo version, will be automatically used in the reports created by you and your account’s users.

Click Create custom version of snippet and an exact copy of the Genovo snippet will open in another window. You can now edit its content and move the elements around within your report title page.

You’ll notice that the report title page snippet contains a number of tags. A tag acts as a place marker that instructs the report generator to replace the tag with some dynamic content, a table, or, as in the example of the {logo} tag, the logo you’ve uploaded when the report is downloaded to Word.

Just a quick note while we’re mentioning logos. Depending on the background image you’ve selected or uploaded, you may find that your company logo has a white background that sits over the background image. There are lots of free tools on the internet to replace the white background with a transparent background – just Google “remove white background from image”.

On closing the window, you’ll notice that the preview automatically updates to reflect the changes made. If it still doesn’t look quite right just repeat the process of editing the snippet.

It is also worth highlighting that the report title (e.g Suitability Report, Review Report etc) has its own style in the Report Theme. Therefore, any changes you wish to make to the general styling or alignment of this text must be done via the Report Theme and not via editing the report title page snippet.