What is an investment theme?

An investment theme, in Genovo terminology, simply relates to the over-arching approach, style or type of investment strategy being recommended. For example, it could be as simple as ethical investing. The following four popular investment themes are included as standard within the Recommended Investment Strategy Supplementary Information step in Genovo:

  • ESG investing
  • Your company’s Centralised Investment Proposition
  • Discretionary Fund Management
  • Investment pathways (and why you’ve discounted them)

What is the Recommended Investment Strategy Supplementary Information step designed to achieve?

When you create a 'Recommended Investment Strategy' it is possible to confirm the reasons why you have recommended it via the Why Investment Strategy window. Here, you'll find a number of pre-loaded advice reasons designed to support the recommendation of a variety of styles or types of investment strategy (and of course, you can easily add your own). 

However, these advice reasons are only designed to provide a one or two sentence overview of the key reasons why the specific investment strategy has been recommended and don’t provide the facility to include a fuller explanation of the type of investment strategy being recommended.

So, the Recommended Investment Strategy Supplementary Information step has been designed to allow you to easily include a fuller explanation of the type of investment strategy (i.e. the investment theme) being recommended in your reports - should you wish to. The default content we’ve included for each theme is fairly generic but, like any boilerplate content within Genovo, you can easily edit it to reflect your own preferences and advice service.

The 'ESG investing' and 'Discretionary Fund Management' content has been written to be informative for the client and to explain some of the high-level benefits and features.

The content of the 'Investment Pathways' option provides a high-level overview of the benefits and features of this investment theme, but it also contains a list of reasons why investment pathways may have been discounted as a valid investment solution – an option that has been requested by a number of our users.

The content for the 'Your company's Centralised Investment Proposition' is the odd one out. Because your Centralised Investment Proposition (if you have one) is likely to be unique to your company, you will need to customise this text to reflect your own advice service before you can use it in your reports (see below for information on customising the content).

What happens when I select an investment theme?

Selecting an investment theme option in the Recommended Investment Strategy Supplementary Information step will automatically add additional content about the selected investment theme into your report towards the end of the Recommended Investment Strategy section.

Can I edit the boilerplate content for each investment theme?

Yes. account admins can edit the content of the four standard investment themes (just as they would any of Genovo’s boilerplate content) via Customisation > Report Content Manager.

In the Report Content Manager, select Suitability Report in the 'Report Type' drop-down list and Recommended Investment Strategy from the 'Section' list. You’ll notice a corresponding snippet for each investment theme is included.

It's very easy to create your own custom version of a Genovo snippet, just follow these simple instructions.  

Can I hide the standard Genovo investment themes?

Yes. Go to the Advice Options & Reasons Library from the Customisation dashboard, and simply hide any options that you do not want to show in the step.

Can I create my own custom investment themes?

Investment themes are non-standard advice options so you cannot add your own custom options to this step in the usual way via the Advice Options and Reasons Library. However, if you are subscribed to a Company Plan Midi or above, we can add custom advice options and create a custom snippet (containing your custom content) for you, which will be triggered when the corresponding option is selected. 

This is likely to incur an additional one-off customisation charge, and we will require you to provide us with the following information:

  • The wording for the custom option(s) as you would like it to appear in the step.
  • Confirmation of where you would like the associated content to come out in your reports when the corresponding option is selected in the step. Typically this would be included at the bottom of the Recommended Investment Strategy section, but it doesn't have to be there.
  • The content you want to come out in your reports as a result of the option being selected. Once added you will be able to edit this content in the usual way via the Report Content Manager.

Simply submit a support ticket or give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.