Should you wish to display your custom content in tabular format, you can add a table into a snippet. We would advise against pasting an existing table from Word straight into the Genovo HTML Editor as this is likely to result in a mismatch in the formatting of the table when the report is downloaded to Word.

Although creating the table from scratch using the 'Insert Table' function included within the 'Profile description' field will take a little more time, it will result in a much better end result as it ensures the table is rendered correctly within your reports to reflect the table-related styles of your selected Report Theme.

Here's some simple instructions that explain how to create a table from scratch.

1. Position your cursor where you would like the table to be generated within the HTML Editor field.

2. Click the Insert table icon in the toolbar.

This will open the 'Table Properties' dialog box.

3. Change the 'Headers' field to reflect the makeup of your table. For example, if you want a row of headings across the top of your table, select ‘First row’. If you want a column of headings, select ‘First column’. 

4. Update the number in the 'Rows' and 'Columns' fields to reflect the make-up of the table you require. 

5. Leaving the 'Width' on 100% will ensure the table stetches across the full width of the page, just like all the other tables in your reports.

6. On clicking Save, a blank table will be inserted. You can now insert the required content into the relevant cells.