When pasting text into the Genovo HTML Editor we recommend that you use the paste as plain text control button within the toolbar, or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V. This will remove any hidden formatting from the text you paste in and ensure there is no mismatch in style with your Report Theme.


Once you have pasted the text in, you can easily re-apply formatting (e.g. bold, italic, underline etc) using the control buttons included within the Text Editor (as highlighted below).

We recommend you use the paragraph format function included within the Snippet Editor tool bar to ensure your text is styled correctly to mirror your Report Theme and the rest of the text in your report.

Heading 1 = Section header e.g. Investment Recommendation

Heading 2 = Secondary section heading e.g Why Has the Plan Been Recommended

Heading 3 = Tertiary section heading e.g Initial Charges

Normal = The main body text.

To see how the different styles are used in report click here.

Failure to use paste as plain text could result in your report becoming corrupted and unable to download to Word.