The number of users you can add to your account is determined by the plan you've selected, and is restricted to the Writer User Limit of your plan and any additional Reader Users you have purchased (i.e. the Reader User Limit).

If you do not have any available Writer and / or Reader users within your account (i.e. the add writer / reader user button isn’t showing) and you wish to add another user, you can either:

1. Delete an existing user. However, it is worth noting that:

  • You cannot delete the Account Owner.
  • A delete is permanent and cannot be undone. On deleting a user all of their clients, reports and private customisations will be lost.

2. The Account Owner can either:

  • Increase the Writer User Limit by upgrading your plan, or
  • Purchase another Writer or Reader User license.

To learn how to upgrade your account click here. To purchase another Writer or Reader User license please contact us.