Your account comes preloaded with various sets of attitude to risk profiles. The Genovo ATR profiles are selected as active by default. However, you can use a set of profiles for one of the attitude to risk profiling tools or networks / service providers that we have preloaded for your convenience, or you can create a set of custom profiles for your company i.e. Your Company's ATR Profiles.

To select your default set of profiles, or create your own custom set, go to customisation > attitude to risk profiles.

Selecting Your Default Set of ATR Profiles

Simply click the corresponding radio button in the Active Set column. In the image below Your Company's ATR profiles are selected as my active default set. To view the underlying profiles for any given set click the corresponding eye icon to the far right.

Creating a Custom Set of ATR Profiles

Click the edit icon to the far right of Your Company's ATR Profiles.


You will be directed to a new page where you will be prompted to create as many different profiles (e.g low, medium, high) as required. To create an ATR profile, click add atr profile and enter the profile name, profile description and display order as prompted.

Before leaving the Attitude to Risk Profiles page, make sure your preferred set of of ATR profiles are selected as active.

 When it come to write a report for a specific client, you can override your default selection and use one of the other set of ATR profiles for a particular report by simply selecting an alternative set of profiles within the Attitude to Risk step of the Investment Strategy section.

 Compliance Tip - We recommend your risk profiles mirror the ones you use with your clients as part of your fact finding and risk profiling process. They should be clear, use plain English and not contain vague statements or use technical jargon.