To make it easier to view and manage your custom snippets, a ‘custom snippets’ view is also included in the Report Content Manager.

When selected, you can then view your custom snippets based on three filters:

  • Your company’s active custom version of a Genovo snippet.
  • Your company’s active custom version of a Genovo snippet where the Genovo snippet was last updated more recently than your own version.
  • Your company’s custom snippets.

It is worth remembering that we will update the content of certain Genovo snippets from time-to-time. When this happens, the updated content will automatically come out in your reports assuming you have the Genovo version selected as the active version of that snippet. We will also send you a notification to inform you what has changed

However, if you have an 'Active custom version' of the updated Genovo snippet, the content of your custom version won't automatically change following the Genovo update and the content of your custom version will continue to come out in your reports.

The second of the above filters is particularly useful in helping you manage any such updates, as it clearly highlights any custom snippets where the last updated date of the Genovo version is more recent than your own custom version.

For any such snippets, you can then click on the edit pencil for the snippet and decide whether you want to:

  • Revert to the updated Genovo version of the snippet; or 
  • Manually edit your custom version in line with the update. 

Simply resaving or deleting your custom version, or reselecting the Genovo version will remove the snippet from this view. We would recommend completing this exercise after every major update.