There isn’t any boilerplate text relating to the FSCS in the standard Genovo template, and to be perfectly honest we’re not aware of any FCA requirement to include this information in a suitability report. In fact, we believe this is the kind of information that the FCA are actively trying to discourage as it is typically referenced elsewhere (e.g KFD), and therefore only serves to bulk out the report.

There are 2 ways to include information on the FSCS in Genovo, either on an 'ad hoc' basis where any reference is selected within the report builder or, you can arrange it so that FSCS text is 'automatically included' in each downloaded report.

'Ad hoc' basis

If you're only looking to include reference to the FSCS when it is required, say when the recommended product isn't covered by the FSCS or when that coverage is key to the decision making process behind the recommendation, this can be accomplished within the report builder itself.

The Why Product and Why Provider steps of any new recommendation section in Genovo offer a list of advice reasons. These are pre-constructed sentences or statements to support the step you’re working on and are designed to make the report writing process quicker and easier. However, we don’t try to cover all scenarios, so there are times when you may wish to add your own advice reason.

This is really easy to do ‘on the fly’ while you’re writing a report – simply click the add advice reason button:

You’ll then be taken to a new page where you will be prompted to include your custom advice reason and save it. If you only wish to include the custom advice option in that report, just click save. However, if you want it to be available for selection in future reports, you also have the option to save it to your Advice Options & Reasons Library.

If you have an Account Admin role, you will also have the option of adding the custom advice reason to your Advice Options & Reasons Library and sharing it so it's available for selection by you and all of your other account's users. To check your Genovo user role, from the main dashboard, go to account admin > your details. Your user role is shown at the bottom of the page.

'Automatically included' in all reports

If you or your firm decide that you want reference to the FSCS in all of your reports, this can be done using Genovo’s Report Content Manager. This highly-flexible feature allows you to create a custom version of any of Genovo’s snippets (the individual blocks of text that are combined into the creation of your suitability report).

Here’s an example of how you might include some text about the FSCS:

1) From your dashboard go to customisation > Report Content Manager.
2) Select the Report Type from the first drop down menu. In this example, I’ve selected the Suitability Report.
3) Select the Important Information section from the second drop down menu.
4) Click the corresponding edit icon for the snippet entitled Title.

You’ll then be directed to the Snippet Detail page.

5) Click create custom snippet. This will create a clone of the Genovo snippet and direct you to the Snippet Editor where you can now customise the content. See my example below.

You’ll notice I’ve chosen to include the text immediately after the Important Information heading as I know that this section will come out in all of my reports. But you can choose to add your text to a different snippet if you prefer.

Remember, when pasting text into the Genovo HTML Editor you should use Ctrl + Shift + V to paste the text with formatting removed. For more information on this click here.

6) Once you’ve included the relevant text and reformatted it again, click save.

You’ll be taken back to the Snippet Detail page and your custom version will be automatically selected as active.

Note that you’ll need to replicate this process for the other report types in which you want to mention the FSCS and you’ll see the final result once you download a report to Word.