The clients you pull across from Xplan will be stored in the Client Library within Genovo, and can be accessed via the Client Library or Write / View Reports in the usual way.

If you’re subscribed to a multi-user Genovo Company Plan and view all users' clients / reports has been activated for you, it is also possible to save the client to another user’s Client Library within Genovo. This is particularly useful where a paraplanner is writing a report for an adviser for example.

To import a client, click on the relevant add client button and you’ll be directed to the add client page for the selected type of client (i.e. private, corporate or trust) in the usual way.

As an integrated user, you’ll notice an add data from crm button towards the top of the page. To import a client from Xplan (as opposed to entering the data manually) click add data from crm and a dialog box will open like so.

You can use the search function within the dialog box to locate a client and any results matching your search will be displayed below.

It's important to note that you are only able to access the same client data via the integration as you can when you log in to your own Xplan account. So if a client does not appear in your search results, please check your Xplan settings and privileges, and ensure you can view the client when you log in to your Xplan account in the first instance.

To import a particular client, click the add client hyperlink to the right of their name, and the data contained in any integrated fields (i.e. the ones marked up with a green border) will be automatically inserted into the add client page within Genovo. Having added a client from Xplan, you can then edit any integrated fields (should you need to), and complete any non-integrated fields as required.

Remember there is never any compulsion to complete all of the client-related fields in Genovo. If a field isn’t relevant or not needed, just leave it blank and it wont be included in the overview of the client's circumstances table that gets rendered out in that report.

It's worth highlighting that the integration is currently only one way, so if you do make any changes to the client data in Genovo, this won’t sync back to Xplan.

On clicking save, you’ll be returned to the main client page. You’ll notice that the client has been added to the Client Library and a small integration icon (plug) has been included to the left of the client’s name to indicate that they are an integrated client.