At some stage, as a report writer, you’re probably going to want to send the adviser (on whose behalf you’re writing the report) a notification that their report is complete and ready for them to check.

Assuming the adviser has been added to Genovo as a Writer or Reader user and view all users' clients / reports has been activated for the report writer's account, this can be done from directly within the Report Builder with just one click. Just click the Send email notification button at the bottom of the Report Builder and an email will be automatically sent to the client owner’s (i.e. the adviser's) registered email address.


If the owner of the client is a Reader user, they will receive a email notification that confirms a report has been finished and a copy will be emailed to them or saved in a shared folder.

If the owner of the client is a Writer user, the email will confirm they can now log in to Genovo to view and / or edit the report.