We would actively encourage you to add images into your reports to provide greater visual interest, and hence there are lots of places in Genovo you can do this, and the process of doing it is very easy.

Images can be added into any field that uses an HTML editor. You will find these throughout Genovo including:

  • The snippet editor in the Report Content Manager.
  • The 'Provider Description' field in the Provider Library.
  • The 'Profile Description field' in Attitude to Risk Profiles.
  • The text box at the bottom of the various Plan Charges steps.

It is easy to spot an HTML editor field because it has several function buttons along the top and looks like this:

To add an image into the field:

  1. Use the Windows Snipping Tool to take a screen-grab of the image you require from the source material.
  2. Position your cursor within the HTML editor field where you would like the image to appear, and use Ctrl+V to paste the image directly into the field just as you would if you were pasting it into a Word doc.
  3. The image will be automatically resized to a width of 650 pixels (whilst maintaining the aspect ratio) so it fits correctly within the page when the report is downloaded to Word. However, it is easy enough to resize the image by simply clicking on the image and dragging it from one of the corners.