It's really easy to add images into the reports you create within Genovo using the Genovo HTML Editor which looks like this. 

There are various places within the Genovo app where you'll find the Genovo HTML Editor including:

  1. The Snippet Editor – The snippet editor located within the Report Content Manager allows you to edit the boilerplate (template) content of your report.
  2. Know Your Client Info – This is a text box within the Client Objectives step of the Introduction section. It’s here that you can add personalised text regarding the client’s objectives.
  3. Provider Description – This is a text box within the Provider Library where you can add a description of a particular provider.
  4. Further Investment Info – This is a text box within the Investment Library where you can add further information regarding a particular investment.
  5. ATR Profile Description – This is a text box with the Attitude to Risk Profiles Library where you can add a description of a particular ATR profile.

The process of adding an image into any of the above is the same, but the following example walks you through how to add an image into your report template using the Snippet Editor.

How to add an image into your report template using the Snippet Editor

So let's say you wanted to add a head shot image of yourself above your name on the Report Title page of your suitability reports. In the first instance you'd go to customisation>report content manager and select the report type and section containing the snippet you wish to edit. Then click the edit pencil of the snippet where you wish to add the image within your report.

You'll be directed to the Snippet Detail page for that snippet. If you haven't already created a custom version of the snippet, click create custom snippet, otherwise click on the edit pencil of your existing custom version of that snippet. You'll find more information about how to create a custom snippet here.

Next you'll be directed to the Snippet Editor. To add an image into the snippet proceed as follows:

1. Use the Windows snipping tool to take a snapshot of the image you wish to include.

2. Position your cursor within the text box of the Genovo HTML Editor where you would like the image to come out (see orange arrow in screen shot below)


3. Use Ctrl+V or right click of your mouse to paste the image directly into the Genovo HTML Editor as you would if you were pasting an image into Word.

4. Having pasted the image into the editor, you may find that you need to resize the image so it fits correctly within the page when the report is downloaded to Word. This is easy enough to do. Simply right click your mouse on the image which will in turn open a drop down menu where you can select image properties.

5. Clicking Image Properties will open the Image Properties dialog box and it's in here that you can adjust the width and height of the image to reflect your requirements - just remember to keep the aspect ratio (padlock) locked.

5. Once your happy with the size, c
lick OK and your image will be inserted in the snippet, and included within your report template. 

6. Click save and the newly created custom version of that snippet will be saved and used every time you downloaded to Word in the future.