Static template sections are different to the other sections you'll find in the Report Builder in that their content is 100% templated as opposed to being dynamically generated by the options selected and data inputted in the steps of the wizard section(s)

You will instead need to manually edit the content of a static template section to accurately reflect the your recommendations and the client's circumstances once the report has been downloaded to Word. However, they can still prove to be a very useful and easy way to add your own custom content into a report. 

How do I know if a section is a static template?

You will know if a section is a static template section because:

  1. *STATIC TEMPLATE* will be appended to the section name in the Report Builder.
  2. It won’t have a 'Wizard' icon to the right of the section name.

Can I edit the boilerplate content of a static template section?

Yes you can and it's super easy! And it is this functionality that still makes static template sections a very powerful way of customising the boilerplate content of your reports to reflect your personal preferences and advice service.

As with any section, you can edit the boilerplate content of a static template section via the Report Content Manager. Within the Report Content Manager, you will notice that the content of a static template section is broken down into a number of snippets in the usual way. 

How do I add a static template section into a report?

Adding a static template section is just the same as adding any other section. Simply select the static template section from the 'Available sections' drop down in the Report Builder and use the drag and drop grab handles to position the section where you want the content to come out in your report.  

On downloading the report, you will need to edit the content of any static template sections to reflect the client's individual circumstances and the recommendations made.

Can static template sections be used in the Report Template Builder?

Yes they can in just the same way as they can be used in the Report Builder.