What is a static template section?

A static template section is different to a standard advice section in that its content is 100% templated as opposed to being dynamically generated by the options selected in the steps of the corresponding section wizard. You will instead need to make some minor edits to the content of a static template section to accurately reflect the your recommendations and the client's circumstances once the report has been downloaded to Word.

How do I know if an advice section is a static template?

You will know if a section is a static template because:

1. The following wording will be appended to the section name in the Report Builder - *STATIC TEMPLATE*

2. It won’t have an enter section wizard icon  to the right of the section name.

Can I edit the boilerplate text of a static template section?

Yes, as with any advice section you can edit the boilerplate content of a static template section via the Report Content Manager. Within the Report Content Manager, you will notice that the content of a static template section is broken down into a number of snippets in the usual way. You'll find more information about the Report Content Manager here.

How do I write a report containing a static template section?

This is easy. To be honest the process is very similar to how you would normally write a report in Genovo.

1) Select or add the client

Go to write / view report and select or create the client you wish to write the report to.

2) Add the advice sections

Having given the report a name you’ll be directed to the Report Builder page where you can add the required advice sections.

To add a static template section to a report, simply select it in the Advice Sections drop down and click add advice section.

3) Complete the section wizards

Next you'll need to step through the section wizards of all of the advice sections that require your input, starting with the Introduction Section

4) Tailor the structure of the report

Having completed all of the section wizards you should then tailor the structure of your report by hiding / reordering the sections in your report.

To learn more about how to remove a section from your report click here.

To learn more about how to reorder the sections within your report click here.

5) Download the report

Click the download report icon and the report will download to Word. On opening the report you'll notice that the report follows the typical Genovo format and structure. However, as highlighted above, you will need to make some edits to the content of any static template sections to reflect the client's individual circumstances and the recommendations made.

Happy report writing!