The report title that comes out on the front cover of each report type is fixed as standard e.g 'Suitability Report'.

However, you can use the Report Name field in the Write Report page to give each report a custom title if you'd prefer.

Write Report

How to change the title of your reports

  1. Log in to Genovo and go to Customisation>Report Content Manager.
  2. Select Report Title Page from the section drop down. The screen will refresh and the snippets that make up the Report Title Page will be listed out below. Click the edit icon of the snippet entitled Title Page (Suitability Report) and you will be directed to the Snippet Detail page.

Report Content Manager

NB If you wish to do the same for other report types, just follow the same process for their title page snippet too.

3. Click create custom snippet and you will be taken into the Snippet Editor for this snippet. You should then replace the static text ‘Suitability Report’ with the dynamic tag {ReportTitle}. Finally check the content and click save.

Snippet Editor

As a result the Report Name that you give to a report will now come through onto the covering letter AND the title page of your suitability reports.

Remember the format that the Report Name will come out on the title page of your reports is governed by the Report Title style in your selected Report Theme. You may find you need to reduce the font size if you use longish Report Names.

Report Theme