To create and edit your own report theme, go to customisation>report theme from your dashboard.

You can create your own report theme by cloning and customising an existing report theme (pick the one that most closely resembles your own preferences).

To clone an existing theme (e.g Modern Greyscale) click on the clone icon (as highlighted in the screenshot below), and a copy of the theme will be created for you (as shown in the screenshot below).

Next, click on the edit icon of the cloned theme and you will be directed to the Theme Details page. Here you can:

1. Edit the Theme Name.

2. Change how the Plan Summary tables come out in your reports.

3. Customise the individual styles that make-up the theme.

To edit a style click on its edit icon. For example in the screenshot below I have  clicked on the edit icon of Report Title. This will “open up” the style allowing you to edit its attributes.

You can change the colour of a style used within your theme using the colour picker or by entering the appropriate hex code. A hex code is a six digit code used in web design to specify a particular colour. If you don’t know the hex codes of the colours used in your branding (and why should you!) click here to be directed to a handy little tool which will grab the hex colours from your website simply by entering its URL.

To see an example of how all of the different styles are used in a report click here.

Once you’ve made and saved all the changes you require to the individual styles, click << back to:report themes in the top left hand corner, and you’ll be returned to the main Report Theme page. Make sure you select your newly created theme as the Active Theme and that’s it you’re done – you’ve just created and edited your own Report Theme!