There are probably two main reasons why you'd want to hide the page break of a section: 
1. You wish to permanently remove a section from your report

You may wish to permanently remove one of the standard sections from your reports e.g. The Client Declaration section or the Appendix - Attitude to Risk Profiles. This is easily achieved by hiding all of the snippets within that section via the Report Content Manager (see screenshot below). However, unless you also hide the page break snippet you'll find a blank page is still inserted in your report.

2. You would prefer a particular section to flow into the next section

All sections within Genovo automatically start on a new page. However, you may have a preference for certain sections to flow into one another without a page break. For example you may wish the Appendix - Glossary of Terms to immediately follow the Appendix - Product Information without any page break in between. If so, simply hide the page break within the Appendix - Production Information section and both sections will be rendered on the same page within your report.

 Please do not edit or create custom versions of any Page Break snippets.