It is possible to convert an existing non-integrated client that’s already saved within the Client Library into an integrated client. This has a number of benefits:

  1. You don’t need to start afresh with a brand new version of an existing client that you’ve already added to Genovo.
  2. You can maintain any existing reports that you’ve already created for that client within Genovo.
  3. Moving forward, you can then pull client and plan data straight from Xplan into any existing or new reports you create for that client.

To convert an existing client into an integrated client, You will in the first instance need to locate the client via the Client & report library or Write report. Next, click on the icon to edit the client and a new window will open where, as an integrated user, you will now notice a Link to CRM button towards the top of the page.

On clicking this button another window will open. You can use the search function within this window to locate the client and any results matching your search will be displayed below. 

To add the client from Xplan, click the corresponding Add client hyperlink to the right of their name, and the data will be automatically pulled from Xplan and overwrite any data previously saved in any integrated fields for that client record.

When you convert a non-integrated client into an integrated client only integrated fields (those coloured up with a green border) will be overwritten. Any data previously saved in any non-integrated fields will remain as is.

You can then edit any integrated fields and non-integrated fields as required. On clicking Save, you’ll notice that an integration icon now shows to the left of the client’s name to indicate that they are an integrated client.