To set up the integration with Curo for your company and its user(s), you will in the first instance need to: 

  1. Send Genovo a support ticket and ask us to contact T4A on your behalf to request that they activate the integration for your company's Curo account.
  2. Provide us with the username of the Curo user account(s) you want the integration activated for, and confirm which Curo user account should be linked to which user within your Genovo Account. For example....

Curo Username
Username of Genovo Account to link to

You can only link one Curo user account to one Genovo user account.

On receipt of this information, we will contact T4A and ask them to set up the integration for your company - this could take up to 48 hours. As soon as we receive confirmation from T4A that the integration for your Curo account has been activated, we will then activate the integration for your Genovo account and confirm by return email that this has been actioned. 

You (and your users) can then begin to use the integration to pull client and plan data from Curo into Genovo.