When you create a report template you can also add some searchable tags (keywords) to the template which help highlight to you (and your users) that that particular template contains certain key content / concepts. Examples of such tags could be:

  • The type of advice being provided e.g. replacement business
  • The provider's name being recommended e.g. Transact, Standard Life etc
  • The type of product(s) being recommended e.g SIPP drawdown, GIA & ISA etc
  • The type of investment strategy being recommended e.g Growth & Income Portfolio 5, DFM etc
  • Other key content included e.g ex-post charges, cashflow modelling etc.

You can add whatever tags and as many tags as you want, but for your own benefit we would encourage you to try and be consistent with your use of tags otherwise it will be more difficult for you (and your users) to use the search function effectively in your libraries. If you are adding multiple tags, the tags should be comma-delimited e.g. Cashflow modelling, Investment, Drawdown.

Any tags you add to a report template will also be appended to the template name shown in the Report Template drop down field of the Report Details page when you elect to create a report from an existing template. 

Therefore, in summary, tags are optional keywords, that provide a really powerful way to help highlight to you (and your users) what kind of content is contained within a particular template.