To convert an existing non-integrated plan into an integrated plan you will, in the first instance, need to ensure that the client to whom the plan belongs is an integrated client.

So assuming you’re in the Plan Summary page of the relevant section, click the edit pencil to the right of the non-integrated plan’s name - just as you would if you were going to edit the plan. You will be directed to the Plan Summary - Edit Plan page where you’ll notice that because the client is now an integrated client that an add data from crm button is now included towards the top of the page.

If you click this button the plan search dialog box will open in the usual way. To import a plan from intelliflo office, click the corresponding add plan hyperlink to the right, and the data will be automatically pulled into the Plan Summary - Edit Plan page from intelliflo office and overwrite any data previously saved in any integrated fields for that plan record. If the plan includes 'holdings' in intelliflo office then a new integrated Current Investment Strategy (CIS) will be created and  automatically selected at the same time. However, any manual CIS that you've previously created for the plan will still be available within the CIS dropdown.  

When you convert a non-integrated plan into an integrated plan only integrated fields will be overwritten - any data previously saved in any non-integrated fields will remain as is.

You can then edit any integrated fields and non-integrated fields as required. On clicking save, you’ll be returned to the main Plan Summary page and you’ll notice a small integration icon (plug) has been included to the left of the plan to indicate that it is now an integrated plan.