When building a report for an integrated client, you can pull details of their plans from intelliflo office into the following review sections:

  • Review of Your Existing Investments
  • Review of Your Existing Pensions
  • Review of Your Existing Retirement Income Plans
  • Review of Your Existing Protection Plans

As well as the following recommendation sections:

  • Mortgage Recommendation
  • New Investment Recommendation
  • New Pension Recommendation
  • Drawing Benefits from Your Pension Fund
  • New Protection Recommendation

To add a plan from intelliflo office, click the Add plans from CRM button in the Plan Summary step.

A new window will open displaying all the plans that are owned by the client(s), have an appropriate plan status and are a match for the section. However, it is worth bearing in mind that only those plans that can be mapped to an equivalent plan in Genovo will show here. You'll find further information about the different plan types that are available in each section of the Genovo here.

Select the plan(s) you wish to add into the section by checking the appropriate checkbox and then click Add plans in the bottom right hand corner of the window.

The plan(s) will be automatically inserted into the Plan Summary step and an icon included to the left to indicate it is an integrated plan.

Having added the plan, you can then edit it by clicking the corresponding edit icon. This will open the Edit plan window.

You can then edit any integrated fields (those with a green border) should you need to, and complete any non-integrated fields as required.

In review sections, if 'holdings' (i.e. the underlying funds / investments) have been added to the plan in intelliflo office, you’ll notice that a Current Investment Strategy (CIS) is also automatically created for the plan. To view and edit the CIS, click Edit IS

It is worth highlighting that the integration is currently only one way, so if you do make any changes to the plan data in Genovo this won’t sync back to intelliflo office.