We’ve created a series of video tutorials covering everything you need to know about the Genovo suitability report app - from how to manage your account and write a report, to how to customise the boilerplate content of your reports.

What's more, the videos are broken down into bite-sized chunks of anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes so they’re really easy to consume and digest.

What topics do the video tutorials cover?


An overview of the Provider Library

In this video you’ll learn how you can manage the providers that get listed out in the 'Provider' field included in the Plan Summary step of the various recommendation sections of the Report Builder. 

An overview of the Investment Library

This video shows you how you can save information about the underlying investments (e.g. individual funds, model portfolios, structured products or DFMs) that you frequently recommend to your clients into your Investment Library so it can be easily added by you (or your users) to a report with a couple of clicks. 

An overview of the Client & Report Library

This video show you how you can save core client information to the adviser’s client library and control which users can view, edit and write reports to the clients of each adviser.

An overview of the Report Template Library

This video provides an overview of the Report Template Library and explains how it can be used to manage the report templates that you (and your users) can use as a basis for creating a new report. 


An overview of the Advice Options & Reasons Library

In this video tutorial you will learn how you can use the Advice Options and Reasons Library to manage and customise the selectable options included in the steps of the various wizard sections found within the Report Builder.

How to customise your report template using the Report Content Manager

This video walks you through how to customise and manage the entire boilerplate content of your reports and report templates.

An overview of the Report Section Manager

In this video tutorial you'll learn how you can configure which sections show in the Report Builder for each Report Type and create your own custom non-wizard sections for use in your reports.

How to add a background image to your report title page

This video shows you how you can make your reports even more visually appealing and give them a magazine-like feel by adding a background image to the title page of your reports.

How to write a report

The following series of videos walk you through the process of writing a report from start to finish.

How to write a report: An overview of the different report types

How to write a report: Adding clients and selecting the report creation method

How to write a report: The Report Builder

How to write a report: The Introduction section

How to write a report: The Client Risk Profile section

How to write a report: A review section

How to write a report: A recommendation section

How to write a report: The Recommended Investment Strategy section

How to write a report: The Important Information section


These videos explain how to integrate Genovo with your preferred back office system, and seamlessly pull both client and plan data from the back office system into Genovo, thereby saving you heaps of time as you’ll never need to re-key this information ever again.

How to set up and use the integration with Intelligent Office

How to set up and use the integration with Xplan

How to set up and use the integration with Curo

Where can you find the video tutorials?

On the Genovo website

You can access the entire video tutorial library via the Smart Support link included under the resources tab in the website’s main navigation bar. 

From within the app

You can also access the video tutorials from directly within the Genovo app. You'll notice a video tutorial icon next to the page help icon in the top right hand corner of various pages within the Genovo app.

Much like the page helps, if you click on the video tutorial icon, a new lightbox window will open up within the page containing a video tutorial specifically related to the page you’re on.