It’s really easy to integrate your iO and Genovo accounts.

Requesting the app via the iO app store

Just login to your iO account, head over to the iO app store and click on the Genovo app.

You'll need to request the app. by clicking the green install app button at the bottom of the page, and then confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions. Please note your iO subscription will automatically increase by £4+ VAT per month for each user installation as a result.

PLEASE NOTE: The green button may read 'request app' for certain iO users. This is to do with how your user permissions have been set up with your iO account. For further information click here.

On clicking continue, you’ll be directed to the Genovo login page where you’ll be prompted to enter your Genovo username and password.

Don’t worry if you don’t already have a Genovo account, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial of Genovo via the Genovo website by clicking the orange sign up button in the top right hand corner of every page. We would however suggest that you do this before you try to install the integration.

Having successfully entered your Genovo username and password, you’ll be directed back to the iO app store where you’ll notice that the green install app button at the bottom of the page is now greyed out.

Your integration is now active.

Verifying the integration via Your Integrations in Genovo

Before you can start using the integration, you’ll need to log back into Genovo (this will happen automatically if you log in in the same browser session) and confirm your acceptance for your data to be passed from iO to your Genovo account. To do this, simply click on the Integrations icon from the main dashboard.

Within Your Integrations you'll see a summary of all the third party apps that Genovo currently integrates with as well as the status of each integration for your own account. You'll notice that the status of the iO integration is set to 'Active but not verified'. To complete the set up of the iO integration, simply click the manage integration link to the right to verify the integration.

You'll be directed to the Manage Integration page for the iO integration where you'll need to click on the verify integration hyperlink under Action.

On clicking the hyperlink, you’ll be prompted to enter your iO username and password (unless you're already logged in to iO within the same browser), and to confirm your acceptance for your data to be passed within the iO permissions page.

Assuming you’re happy to proceed, click Yes, Allow and you’ll return to the Manage Integration page within Genovo where you’ll notice that the status of the iO integration now shows as Active and verified and the username of your iO account is displayed under Linked Username. That’s it, you’re done. You can now begin to use the integration to import client and plan data from iO into Genovo.

 Having activated your integration, your credentials will only remain authenticated for 30 days for security reasons. Therefore, you will be prompted to refresh the integration by re-entering your Linked iO username and password every 30 days.