Within Genovo, we use tables a lot to present data. Information relating to the client’s circumstances, their plans, the charges of those plans, and even the risk warnings associated with any recommendations.There are a number of reasons we do this, including: 

  • It makes the information easy to read and digest. 
  • It helps present key information in a more eye-catching format, especially if colour is used in the table. 
  • It helps break-up the rest of the text. 
  • It’s much easier to compare data when it’s presented in a tabular format. 


So let’s have a look in a bit more detail.

How to customise Genovo’s template tables 


There are a few ‘static template sections’ with Genovo. Within these sections you may find a template table which you will need to edit once the report has been downloaded to Word.  


A good example of just such a section is the Equity Release Recommendation *STATIC TEMPLATE* sectionThis section is made up of a number of snippets as highlighted in the screenshot below.    



Within some of these snippets you will find template tables which you can edit yourself if you'd prefer an alternative format / layout.

How to delete a row


Now let’s say you wanted to delete a row from the template table in the Title & Recommendation Table snippet. 


    1. Click the edit icon for the Title & Recommendation Tablesnippet.  

    2. Click create custom snippet

    3. Right click in the row you want to delete, for example, Plan Name. 



    4. In the menu hover on Row and then in the sub-menu click on Delete Rows. 


    5. Click save.  

How to add a row 


So let’s say, you wanted to add a row, into the template table in the Title & Opening snippet. 


    1. Click the edit icon for the Title & Opening snippet.  

    2. Click create custom snippet.  



    3. Right click in the row above where you want the row to appear.  

  1. A menu will appear, hover over Row and then click Insert Row After in the sub menu.  

  1. You will see a row has been inserted where you can then add the required text. 


    4. Click save.  

These instructions can be used in the same way to delete or add a column just by hovering over the Column in the menu instead of Row. 

How to create your own template table 


Having looked at Genovo’s template tables you may decide you want to create one of your own. 


There may be a number of reasons for doing this, for example:  


  • You prefer your own table layout instead of Genovo’s. 
  • You want to add some more information that Genovo doesn’t cover.  
  • You’d prefer to present some template content in a table rather than standard text.  
  • You may want to add some more colour or creative flare to your report.  


To provide you with complete flexibility to format and style the content of your reports you'll find an HTML editor has been added into the Snippet Editor of the Report Content Manager. We advise you to use the editor to create your table as this will ensure it is rendered correctly within your reports in line with the table-related styles of your selected Report Theme. 

Advanced Table Settings  


Once you’ve created your basic table, you can use the more advanced table settings to get more creative.  


So let’s say you wanted to add a template table into the Introduction section of the Suitability Report where you / your users could include details of the client’s main points of contact at your company. You may choose to add a basic 4 row x 3 column table into the Title & Opening (Suitability  snippet as shown in the screenshot below.  




But why stop there?  Why not use the advanced table settings to make it stand out... 

How to merge cells 


  1. 1. Right click in the Your Contacts cell. A menu will appear, hover over Cell and then click Merge Right in the sub menu.  

  1. 2. Repeat to merge the cell along the length of the table as required.  




  1. 3. Click save.  


How to change the cell background colour / border colour 


Remember your selected Report Theme will ensure that all your colours, fonts and styles will be mirrored in your report so there is no mismatch in styles. But, you may decide to add your creative flare to specific tables which you can easily do using these step by step instructions.  


  1. 1. Right click in the Your Contacts cell. A menu will appear, hover over Cell and then click Cell Properties in the sub menu.  



2. Click choose to select your preferred Background Colour.  

3. Click choose to select your preferred Border Colour. 

4. Once you’ve selected the colour, click ok.  


You can choose a different colour for each cell as shown in the screenshot below. I can’t imagine you would want to go too over the top but the option is there should