Following feedback from our users we've made some changes to the Genovo report header and footer to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Report Header

Historically the 'report type' (e.g. suitability report, review report etc) and the 'report download date' were automatically included centrally in the header of all reports downloaded from Genovo. These have been removed.

It is now possible to include a favicon in the top right hand corner of your reports instead. To learn how to upload  a favicon click here.

Report Footer

Historically the name of the individuals who the report was written by and to, as well as the page number, were automatically included in the footer of all reports downloaded from Genovo.

However, we appreciate this hasn't always been ideal, especially when there are multiple individuals with long names as the text wraps over two lines, and so we've removed them. Instead, your company name as entered in Account Admin>Company Details will be automatically displayed on the left hand side of the footer with the page number displayed on the right.